– NAVAN Member, Odell Cohens Jr.


I want to share this personal information with everyone in the hope of finding another me out there or someone who may know somebody like me. In February of 2013, I was Hospitalized with uncontrollable hypertension. My blood pressure was 237/175. Yes, I was at stroke level, and thanks to my wife, who forced me to go to the emergency room, I am here to share this story!

I was hospitalized for a week until they found the right combination of medication. But what I am leaving out is that I had high cholesterol, acid reflux, gout, IBS, and sleep apnea, and I was also diabetic. To put it bluntly, I was slowly dying.

Those who know me know that I cannot make excuses, so I won’t start now!

Rewind five years. I broke my hip in an accident, and I sort of went into self-pity during my recovery. Before my accident, I was 6’3’’, 240 lbs. in good shape, working out five days a week, and feeling amazing! However, poor nutrition and the “licking of the wounds,” so to speak, caused me to pack on 142 lbs. and I had every health-related illness you can imagine!-February 2013 was the pivotal point when a doctor at Yale-New Haven Hospital told me that unless I did something about my weight, I was NOT going to make it another year, and at that time, I was only 49. He made sure that he said it in front of my wife and my dad. Was I scared? Scared wasn’t the word!

All I knew was that I wanted to live and that dieting wasn’t going to work!-People would say, Odell, “Why don’t you work out, use a treadmill, walk the track or just simply walk?” My reply was, “IT HURTS TOO MUCH!” The reason why was because my joints were inflamed, and I had too much weight to lug around! I went into deep prayer and meditation and asked God to give me resolution, and man did he!

Three weeks later, I received a call from a good friend of mine, Pastor Kevin Mullens asking me if I would be able to make it to Kentucky by Monday morning (at the time he called it was Friday). Kevin stated that he had something for me to try and an opportunity that he wanted me to consider. I paused for a minute and thought to myself, “Man, I don’t have any way to get there!” My funds were shot at the time, but all I remember Kevin saying was, “Brother, just get here.”Look, people, this is the power of prayer! I had $450 to get to Kentucky and back, and that was pushing it! So that Sunday morning, I was preparing to leave, and my phone rings; it’s my buddy wanting to know if I was going to Kentucky to take a look at this particular product and if so, could I pick him up, and he would split the difference. I was like, “Heck yeah, see you in the morning!”

In Kentucky, I was introduced to “MORINGA OLEIFERA,” which I call “THE TREE THAT SAVED MY LIFE.” To date, I have lost 149 lbs. and I have the health and energy of a 21-year-old man! I have my life back!!-All I want to do is reach out and shake a few feathers for those like me in pain management and poor health. I want them to know that there is a better way, and I am living proof! A walking billboard, if you will! May God continue to bless every one of you!

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